Original FLEX - Industrial power tools | Website of the company

For the FLEX, craftsmen are in the middle of attention. During the improvements, we visit place where people use industrial power tools such as: constructions, workrooms, assembly halls, etc. We are committed to provide the highest quality, best performance, cool design and safety. If you work with a FLEX, you belong to a premium group for sure.

OXXO Transport | Website of the company

The company have committed themselves with their characteristic, limited edition, black polished MAN trucks to a quality, fast and reliable transportation trought Europe 2005. In 2006 the company's trademark appeared on the application form of one of the world's most difficult, most challenging competition, the Paris-Dakar Rally. The decision proved to be right, since the team finished on the 5th place in its category. In 2008 the team decided to participate in the famous FIA European Truck Racing Championship. This time the Oxxo logo appeared on an 1400-horsepower MAN race truck.

Komr Kft. | Website of the company

Komr Ltd. has been trading with small machines and power tools since 1985. Due to its huge experience, Komr Ltd. has meaningful business connections on the retail field throughout Hungary.

NetMasters Kft. | Website of the company

Starting an IT business requires complete expertise and bravery as well. NetMasters Hungary Ltd. Strongly believes that giving the best quality service makes satisfied customers. Our strategic objective is to provide cost-oriented IT services for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual customers. The market challenge is enabling us to provide quality packages to almost any individual and our service system is designed to give flexibility to follow our customers' changing needs. As NetMasters name suggests, we strive to become masters of information technology. Our staff is outstanding by international standards of professionalism, using only the tools and knowledge and continuous development of a precise and flexible billing system and marketing customer focus and commitment to grasp this purpose. However, we have learned the master's certificate issued by our clients, so each of our customer relationships represent true master exam. All of our collegues expected to be the most professional commitment to work. NetMasters make the services with a flexible sales approach, accurate billing system, 0-24 hours helpful customer service, operator presence and safety services.


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