Pál Tamás Kiss finished on second place in Monaco!

Pál Tamás Kiss finished on second place in Monaco!

Pál Tamás Kiss, 21 years old talent of OXXO Energy Drink, finished on second place at the first race of GP3 in Monte Carlo, accordingly, this resulted something, which has never happened before: for the first time, the flag of Hungary has risen high. Pál Tamás Kiss is the first in Hungarian sport-history to take place on the podium.

Monaco is the world’s most famous, classic street-racetrack, with monumental history, taking place in an area that shows off the pilot’s individual talents, and where the powers and capabilities of the cars equalize. Only the most talented drivers are able to drive effectively on the track between the tight walls. It is no surprise that Pál Tamás Kiss has finished one of his best races of all, not to mention, right on first place, as he has never driven in the Princedom.

No wonder, that Tamás almost jumped out of his skin after the race:

"I believe, champagne has never tasted better, than now, not even in Barcelona – so begin the pilot, celebrating after his second GP3 podium-winning race – Sure I will always remember that forever, as it is really making me proud to listen to the Hungarian National Anthem in front of all those people, but this one is more special, considering the fact, that we gained it here, in Monaco, and this was my first start on this racetrack. We gained this second rank by our force, which feels fantastic.It really pleases me, just to be here, as at the beginning of this year, it was doubted even if I can get on in GP3. By comparison, we just stood there on the second rank of the podium, with the cup in my hand, which I almost cannot believe, and it is hard to find words of describe my joy. It is really indescribable, what I feel now.”

"Thank God, I managed to start, just as I have planned. Before the race, we have made some adjustment-modifications on the clutch, which just did very well, so I managed to jump out straight at start, in addition, after the first curve, I already was the second place – he recalled the first moments of the race, after starting from the third place – After this, we both jumped out of from the others with (Aaro) Vainio, but it is very likely, that his tires has reached the operating temperature faster, thus, he managed to gain advantage over me.After this, all I did was enjoying the ride, as one cannot go flat out in such conditions, and I tried to reach the fastest lap-time possible, without taking any unnecessary risks, as it would have been bluntness to throw away a podium-rank. I’m very glad to achieve this second-rank, and would like to thank everyone, who believed in me!” – so said the GP racer of Atech CRS.

This Saturday, at 17.55 pm, on the second round, Tamás will start from the 7th place, and will naturally do his best to gain the best possible rank.

"In the second round, I would like to survive the start safe and sound, and to jump 1 or 2 ranks - more, unfortunately is not possible on this track - , and to get in on the board with a rank, that ensures some points to be gained. We will see, if I can get any chances to get some more out of any situations, in case I do, naturally, I will try to take the opportunity.” – said Pál Tamás Kiss, pilot of OXXO Energy Drink, as he looked forward.


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