Szekeres Zsolt started the season with a fantastic third place!

Szekeres Zsolt started the season with a fantastic third place!

On 24 March Saturday organized the first round of Hungarian Enduro motocross championship, where the OXXO Energy Drink's racer Szekeres Zsolt had started. We interviewed Zsolt after the race:

"The weather was favourable for the competitions, although the history made the essentially loose soils course very dry and dusty. Already at the beginning of the competition during the leading up there was big dust, so I just a little saw anything. The track was dry and dumpy, because the organizers are not taken too much of preparations and on the same tracks the race went on the same direction, which in every year for 10 years. I was positive about the competition, but it was the season opener and I did not want to redeem the world immediately. My goal was just to get there, so anything can happen, my target was come in. My start was pretty bad because it did not start in gear (at the enduro cross there is engine start) in contempt of more attempts. I took into neutral and when I started, the others have turned on the starting corner. After an easy unicycling I started to follow them, but the big dust blocked me to catch up. When I went to get on I stuck up with Kernel Laci, which is also put me back, but I just went on and on. Around one and a half hours I fell a huge, because I came into a worn flat cornered deep pit, which thrown me away and bounced into a brush with my uncontrolled motorcycle. I continued the race with some bruises and a bleeding wound. I picked up myself for the last 4-5 laps and I managed to start the league with a result of third place in 1st class E2. The next race will be on 14 April in Pécs, which is not my favourite course because I acquired here an ankle injury last year. We hope, in this year I will be more successful !"


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